WORLD PREMIERS Projects 2022-2025

Get information on European, international dance and theater premiere! We are looking for individuals and international companies who would support the realization of their cultural project! Cultural projects, suitable for advertising! Following the premiere, the projects can take place on European, American, Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, Australian and Far East tour!

Series of cultural programs promoting the good reputation of Hungary 2022-2025
“Even a small creative creative community can create a big one”

The creative cultural community of the Gershwin Production Office is looking for future partners and supporters for the implementation of the following Hungarian and international art projects! The cultural projects listed below, most of which contain new, unique, special artistic ideas, and international projects are, without exception, a “world premiere”.

In our modern age, advertising and marketing (due to its special position / so-called “tying”) or the assignment of a product or service, presents itself as the sport and cultural sector, with its prominent, well-known personalities in the forefront. See Michael Jackson and Pepsi Cola’s famous ad. This sales system works in a similar way today, with the difference that large international companies, corporations, multis can only achieve an increase in revenue if they manage to reach the given target audience. I have several options for this in today’s online internet world, and I also work for companies that produce mass-produced services and products that offer the average, because there, at promisingly low prices, they try to get the target layer to buy. However, for companies, companies, multis that produce quality products or services, this system cannot work effectively, because the layers looking for and buying quality services and products, not the information taken from the online space and build their purchases at low prices, they need quality, and they pay for it. We only note that the world, in the fierce market competition, tends to see China producing quality services and products, which is now able to become a market leader with quality products, even though, as it was 10 years ago, diplomatically speaking, there were a dozen. For quality service and product integration, the current advertising trend see Brad Pitt and George Clooney Nespresso Advertising, Julia Roberts and Italian Lavazza Coffee Advertising, Tommy Lee Jones and Japan’s Boss Coffee Advertising and Harrison Ford and Madonna for Japan’s Kirin Beer and Takara Sake advertising. Of course, Hungary is a small country and we don’t have any real “star” actors like the one above, we note that it used to be: Iván Darvas, Imre Sinkovits, Miklós Gábor, Zoltán Soós Imre Latinovits, Sándor Pécsi, the line was not long until then internet and such high technology.
But what we can compete with is a culture of quality. We present new, unique and special cultural productions that are suitable for linking quality service and product. We have just published this, we are waiting for the partnership of those companies, companies and multis who have also aimed at quality in Hungary and / or on the international market with their services and products. In the first part, they can learn about international cultural projects in Hungary. If any of the projects arouse interest, we will explain them in more detail during the face-to-face meeting. Our creative community is prepared not only to create creative ideas, but also to implement them.

International Cultural Projects.

– “Gershwin Story” is a two-part modern ballet about the life of George Gershwin.
– “Queen forever” musical drama about Queen Elizabeth.
– “In the Drift of Music” is the life of Maria Malibran. Opera.
– “The Tragedy of a Blessed Voice” is the life of Mario Lanza. Opera.
– “Bank and Insurance Festival – Exchange” / 2022-2025 /.
– Creation of a “Europe Ballet 27″ or a “Europe Ballet 46″.
– “Climate Protection Dance Project”. “The Story of the Two Little Girls” is a fairy tale ballet. “Chaos” is a modern ballet.
– Implementation of “Pest-Buda Mulató Revue Theater”.
– “Magic City” television entertainment show.
– “The Last Supper” is a feature film about Judas Iscariot.

Contact: Gershwin Production Office.
Phone: +36702570999

Creative team:
László Kriszt is a director-choreographer.
Director-choreographer József Gajdos.
Rosenfeld Dániel Imre cultural manager. /Hebrew / Telefon: +36205245252
Rozália Fodor cultural manager. / English, Spanish language / Telefon: +36707510618

Gershwin Story

It has not yet happened in history that American culture import into America. Two parts of George Gershwin’s life modern ballet, the only one capable of doing this first in the world. George Gershwin is the national composer of America, and he is honored with great respect to the whole world. The Hungarian American relationship is a huge step it would be if the Hungarian creators staged America the life of his greatest composer! The genre of dance is universal, would expect huge success everywhere in the world. No need to be separate to emphasize what prestige growth would bring to our country creating the work.  /Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/

The past decades have been characterized by US art hegemony in the world. This consisted of exporting everything to Europe in the film industry (many others). What if we were to reverse the situation and the European Union would be an art exporter! Why not? After all, the whole modern world, the European culture, has grown out of which we can all be proud, all over Europe. Gershwin Story is an art idea and project that has existed for two decades! The time has come for the XXI. at the beginning of our century (European Union) Initiated by Hungarian artists in a particular performing arts field (in our case, in dance culture) show what artists are capable of (European Union) countries, if they join together and form together!
/Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/

Gershwin story két részes modern balett

Europe Ballet 27

Well, the essence is that we would set up Europe ‘s first common, large ballet company called Europe Ballet 27, which will include the 27 member states (now we have left England, because of Brexit) with 1-2 dancers, and the five candidate candidate countries. is also represented. “Europe Ballet 27” will stay together for two years, the first year, in the first half, gathering together modern and classic ballet training and choreographic style exercises. In the second half of the first year, the first joint large modern ballet, “Gershwin Story”, which is the work of George Gershwin, will be completed, a two-part modern ballet made by Hungarian composers, and the ballet will be produced by Hungarian artists. In the second year, the Europe Ballet 27 would take part in a 1-year European Union tour, and Europe’s first ballet ensemble would be introduced in every European capital.- That would be a huge opportunity for Hungarian culture and dance!Yes, that is no doubt. But this project is a great challenge for us as well, since Hungarian choreographers have to be created internationally, and this international dancing team must be excellent in keeping together and providing the conditions.  /Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/


Queen Forever

The Three-Time Complex Musical Game, An All-Time Queen, is a brand new production that shows you in a special way II. Elisabeth’s British Queen’s Life. One of its special features is that the first part of Elisabeth’s childhood and early youth in modern ballet, young and early adulthood in musical, while in late adult and old age, is presented to the audience. Its uniqueness is not only the creation of performances of this kind on one another, but also the theme itself, since there has never been such a work of three genres from a living queen.
/Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/

Queen Forever


Star culture practically began with him in the opera, which is the singers (Liszt, Paganini, Rossini time). It is the age of virtuosity, the renewal of knowledge on afolyton, when art and entertainment become important all the time, because this romance is a the end of the end. Malibran’s short career for admiration and exemplification suitable for both. Agnese is already 8 years old. in the opera, and at the age of 16, a success arat with lyric-colorat mezzo role and replaces GiudittaPasta in Seville barber a big star who will later become a good girlfriend. It is among the first whose shapes energy and intensity. His voice was pervasive in color and special in scope. Witchcraft Coloring Technique a it also made it possible to perform the most difficult words. Muse of Composers and Writers: Rossini, Bellini, Chopin, Liszt, Stendhal, Dumas.Malibran is the most prestigious stage in Scala he became a primadon, the voice of a massive prisoner. Everything is great for ten years he performed in a European opera house and was circumcised. Passionate character, stormy, was a conflicting lifestyle. The stage, the practice, the work is always a priority for him. It was a fantastic load-bearing ability when it came to singing. At the end of his life, during an accident despite his pains, he does not stop his actions. Among his fans were: Rossini, Donizetti, Chopin, Mendelssohn and Ferenc Liszt. /Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/


MARIO LANZA Musical Monodram “Tragedy of a Blessed Voice”

Mario Lanza is an Icon. This monodrama is the first in the world to show the life of the world-famous tenorist. I add, we have a “world-famous” tenorist, László Pálinkás, who can be a worthy interpreter for the performance. Hungary would increase its “Good Reputation”, would strengthen our country in a positive way both at home and in the world.
/Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/

Mario Lanza

Bank and Insurance festival

It is also an excellent opportunity to publish and launch “New” services and the meeting of Hungarian and international “Financial Professionals”. Program: International Financial Conference, “Bankers on the Deck”, “Bank-Café”, “Banker Band”, “Banking Who Do You Know”, prizes, games, etc. Comment: It wasn’t that Hungary was trying one Bank and Insurance Festival – Börze program series by the world, financial attention to our country! The above draft is for 3 years has been developed. Basically, you would bring the world of workers in the financial sector (bank) to consumers, showing that the banking world is not an enemy of the prospective chaplains, but on the contrary.  /Idea Manager: László Kriszt director choreographer/


László Kriszt director choreographer
Tell: +36702570999