László Kriszt Actor, Director, Choreographer

Date and place of birth: 20 July 1961. Budapest, Hungary

Curriculum Vitae

Schools, studies:
– Könyves Kálmán High school and Hungarian National Ballet School / Dancer
– Theater and Film Academy / Operett and Musical class/ Musical Actor
Teachers: István Kazán, Ida Versényi, Sándor Németh, Gizella Bagó, Gábor Kemény
– Theater Director School /C cathegory/ (Form-master: Lajos Máté) Director
– National Acrobat Institute / Acrobatic revuedancer class
Teachers: Károly Asztalos, Imre Baross, Endre Jeszenszky, Gizella Pécsi, Gyula Berger
– Hungarian Physical Education University / Sportacrobat trainer class
– Jazz Dance Educator Degree / Dance Teacher
– Theater and Film Academy / Choreographer class
(Teachers: Antal Fodor Choreographer and Katalin Lőrinc Choreographer)
– Károli Gáspár Reformed University / Teology class
(Teachers: Sándor Békési, Béni Egeresi, István Karaszon, )
– Sola Scriptura Teologia Diploma
(Teachers: Zsuzsanna Vankó, Sándor Nagy)
– Sola Scriptura : Spiritual Caregiver / Diploma

 Laszlo musical stage roles of Kriszt see details

Foundation of Art Studios:
Komplex Dance Studio
Komplex Dance and Musical Studio
MagicRevue Dance Company for children
Foundation of Kazán István Theatre in 2006.

Stations television choreographer Laszlo Kriszt work out the details

Kazán István Theatre Directions:
József Farkas:

Marbles /rhyming play/
Confessions /one-act play/
Kids from the Vigh street /short story/
The slew / short story /
Triangle /rhyming play/
More than love /rhyming one-act play/
Couldn’t be more beautiful than our love/ rhyming one-act play /
– Gábor Batári: Pszihőfi /absurd play/
– Péter Ránki: Contra selection /absurd play/
– Sándor Békési: Pleading of a soul /rhyming play/
– István Örkény: A bit from the 20th century
– Let’s play Shakespeare: Midsummer night’s dream
– Josep Maria Benet i Jornet: Actresses /play/
– Gábor Batári: Mildrof, or the bitch from space /pamphlet of theology/
– Giordano Bruno: Truth on stake /one-act play/
– Magical city: Christmas play
– Endre Ady: Fatal embrace /rhyming play with dance/
- Poems about God / rhyming play with dance /
- Ady Marathon /collection of poems/
– Mastrosimone: Collector of pullovers /play/
– Ferenc Karinthy: Dreams on the Gellérthegy /play/
– Mária Sárdi: Girl in the hell /one-act play on holocaust/
– Tadeus Borovszky: At our place, in Auschwitz /one-act play on holocaust /
– Edward Albee: Tale of a Zoo /play/
– L. Karda – L.Bagyinka: Pamacs /play for children with music/
– Frigyes Karinthy: All that humor! (Selection)
– George Gershwin: Gershwin-Show /show/
– G. B. Shaw: from Saint Johanna: “Lonely Johanna” /one-act play/
– Karinthy Frigyes: You just have to laugh (humorous scenes compilation)
Stage Musical show : Named Musical Podium
– Sartre: No Exit

directed by László Kriszt musical show, they can see details

From New Orleans until Broadway I. II. III. 1991-1993 danceplay in Béke Orfeum
From New Orleans until Broadway Dancerevue Komplex Dance Studio 1996.
Goldpeople, Noah’s Ark, Laokoón and his sons in Béke Orfeum 1991.
Komplex Dancenights: Komplex Dance Studio 1996.
Gershwin dance etuds- danceplay 1997.
MagicRevue: Hipp-Hopp Blue Dwarfs/Tale-ballet 1997. at Vörösmarty square
Hungarian Television 1 (MTV1) Key: entertaining television-show/Partner choreographer 2001.
Gershwin: Variations to Gershwin/Komplex Dance Studio 2003.
Ady Endre: Deadly embrace: poetries in words and in movements 2009.
Madách Imre: The tragedy of human/Choreographer 2009.
Ady Endre: God poets-God movements 2010.
Gershwin: Variations to F-dur piano concerto 2010.
Vangelis: Maria Magdalena 2011.

Collaboration with dance companies:
Ikarosz Jazzballet Theatre (1979-1983)
Jeszenszky Ballet (1983-1987)
Berger Gyula Company (1987-1989)

Collaboration with theatres:
Comedy Theatre, József Attila Theatre, Thalia Theatre
Madách Theatre, Operett and Musical Theatre
Jurta Theatre, Lehár Ferenc Musical Theatre
Interoperett, Evangelium Theatre

Major Roles:
American Electra, Kiss Me Kate, Miss Arisona
Cats, Singing in the Rain, Grandmother, Country of Smiles
Story from Népliget, Jesus’s Man, Maria captain
Crazy women’s cage

Major danceroles:
Josephine Baker (american film), Miss Arizona (american film)
From New Orleans until Broadway (revushow)
Komplex Dance Studio: Gershwin Revue
Hungarian Television 1 (MTV1) Key: entertaining television-show

Foundation of dance companies:
1993. Kriszt Revue Dance Company
2009. Gershwin Ballet Budapest

Teacher activities:
Operett Theatre Studio, Theatre and Film Academy
Komplex Dance Studio, Komplex Dance and Musical Studio
Oktogon Dance School, Hölgyválasz Dance School
Media Academy, Kazán István Theatre Studio
Károli Gáspár Reformed University

Director-choreographer Laszlo Kriszt
E-mail: laszlokriszt@gmail.com

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