László Kriszt director, choreographer.

László Kriszt director, actor teacher, speech and communication teacher, choreographer, dance teacher.

Place and date of birth: Budapest, 20th of July 1961.

E-mail: laszlokriszt2000@gmail.com

Tel.: 06702570999


 Schools, studies (1978-2022)
Könyves Kálmán High School, State Ballet Institute
College of Theater and Film (operetta – musical)
Professional dance license
“C” category director school / leading teacher Lajos Máté /
State Artist Training Institute (acrobatic revue dance trainer)
College of Physical Education (sports acrobatics coach)
Jazz dance teacher qualification / Association of Hungarian Dancers /
University of Theater and Film Arts, Department of Theater-Choreography
Károli Gáspár Reformed University (Protestant Theology)
Sola Scriptura College of Theology (BA Theology Diploma)
Sola Scriptura College of Theology (BA in Pastoral Care)
Nonprofit manager major
Sola Scriptura College of Theology (Bibles BA)
Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies MA in Jewish Cultural History
Baptist Theological Academy (MA in Theology)
Pápa Reformed Theological Seminary (MA in Homiletics)


Professional references. (1983-2022)
Art Director of the Peace Orpheum
Art Café – director, choreographer
Westend City Center Program Manager
MTV1. Leading choreographer of the show “The Key”
Artistic director and choreographer of the Moulin Rouge in Budapest
Kimaradás Gala (director, choreographer)
Classical and Contemporary Writers program series (director)
Evangélium Theater. (assistant director, choreographer, actor)
Professional actor training (preparatory teacher)
Professional theater dancer training (teacher and choreographer)
Dohány Street Synagogue – Holocaust Memorial Program (director)
Jewish Theater Evenings program series (director)
Director of the Gershwin Production Office
Christian Theater Evenings program series (director)
„Through the Dances” dance production (director)
Evita musical (choreographer, actor)
Vocational examiner and exam president (Performing Arts and Dance)
„Open Synagogues” program series (artistic director-director)
VÉROSZ ASSOCIATION – Head of Cultural Department
Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary – Faculty
of Theology (teacher)


Participation in dance ensembles
Ikarosz Jazz Ballet Theater
Gyula Berger Dance Ensemble
Jeszenszky Ballet

Participation in theaters
József Attila Theater
Thália Theater
Madách Theater
Metropolitan Operetta Theater
Jurta Theater
Lehár Ferenc Musical Theater
Evangélium Theater

Major actor role s
American Electra /Orin/
Kiss Me Kate
Népliget story
Miss Arizona
Kitörés /Samy/
The Land of Smiles
Lieutenant Mary
La cage aux folles /Mercedes/
The Grandma operetta /Kálmán/
Singing in the rain musical /Don Lockwood/
József Nyírő: „Jézusfaragó ember” drama
Ferenc Lehár: Eva Grand Opera
Evita musical /General/

Major dancer roles
Josephine Baker (american film)
Miss Arizona (american film)
From New Orleans to Broadway (revue show)
Gershwin Dance Show
MTV1. „Key” show

Founding a dance ensemble
“Christ Revue” dance troupe
Gershwin Ballet
“Europe Ballet 27”
„Magic Revue” Kids Dance Choir

Dance teaching activity
Mária Gór Nagy Theater (dance teacher)
Operetta Theater musical Studio (dance teacher)
College of Theater and Film Arts (dance teacher)
Complex Dance Studio (senior dance teacher)
Modern Dance Instructor Training Academy (dance teacher)
Fitness Academy – Dance Instructor major (dance instructor)
Hölgyválasz Dance School (dance teacher)
Oktogon Dance School (dance teacher)
Complex Art Academy
Complex Dance & Musical Studio
Thália Art School (dance teacher)

Cultural Program Series / director, choreographer /
Cafe Art Evenings
Jewish Theater Evenings
Christian Theater Evenings
Classical and Contemporary Hungarian Writers program series
Open Synagogues program series
European Ballet 27th /international dance project/
Banking-Insurance-Festival-Fair. /international project/
With dance art for Climate Protection. /international dance project/
Chana Szenes Memorial Year 100 (cultural program series)

Theater foundations
Lehár Ferenc Musical Theater
KIK Studio Theater
KRE Genesius University Stage
“Wonderful Kids” Children’s Theater
Everyone’s Theater
Herzl Tivadar Theater
Ecumenical Theater
Christian Youth Chamber Theater
Hungarian-Jewish Remembrance Award.


Theater directions, arrangements
József Farkas: Glass Balls
József Farkas: Confessions
József Farkas: More than love
József Farkas: It can’t be more beautiful than our love
József Farkas: Vigh Street Guys
József Farkas: The Ring
Gábor Batári: Psychic
Péter Ránki: Contraselection
Sándor Békési: The Defensive Speech of a Soul / poetic drama /
István Örkény: A little XX. century

William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Josep Maria Benet Jornet: Actresses / drama /
Gábor Batári: Mildrof, or the Space Slut / Theological Pamphlet /
Giordano Bruno: Truth at the bonfire / monodrama /
Endre Ady: Deadly Embrace
Endre Ady: Divine poems
Endre Ady: Ady Marathon

Endre Ady: Ady’s patriotic poems
Endre Ady: Ady’s love poems
William Mastrosimone: The Woolgatherer
Ferenc Karinthy: Dreams of Gellert Hill
Mária Sárdi: Girl in Hell /Holocaust Monodrama/
Tadeusz Borowski: With us in Auschwitz /Holocaust monodrama/
Edward Albee: The Zoo story
Karda L.-Bagyinka L .: Pamacs /musical fairy tale play/
Karinthy Frigyes: All that Humor
George Gershwin: Gershwin-Show
“Lonely Johanna” /from G. B. Shaw: St. Johanna/
Ferenc Herczeg: Violante and the judge /monodrama/
Shakespeare: Sonnets
Sándor Weöres: Towards completeness
Paul Emond: „Madártej”
Paul Emond: Malaga
Ferenc Molnár-Frinthes Karinthy: You just have to laugh
Musical-Podium /Entertainment music show/
“What am I worth without Zana” /musical entertainment show/
“The Flame of Israel”
Jean-Paul Sartre: No Exit
“I’m coming soon” – absurd story

Choreographies (1991-2017)
From New Orleans to Broadway I. /1991/
Golden People, Noah’s Ark: Laocoon and His Sons /1991/
Ferenc Lehár: Eva Grand Operetta /1992/
From New Orleans to Broadway II. /1993/
From New Orleans to Broadway III. /1996/
Complex Dance /1996/
Dance Etudes for Gershwin: /1997/
Magic Revue; “Hipp-Hopp kék tör-piquék” fairy tale ballet, /1997/
Art Café “Gershwin Revue” /1997/

Art Café “Golden People” /1997/
„Key” Entertaining TV show, co-choreographer MTV1, 2001.
Variations on Gershwin: /2003/
Madách: Tragedy of Man /2009/
Gershwin: Variations for Piano Concerto in F major /“The Birth of Melody” 2010/
Vangelis: Mary Magdalene Trilogy Part I. /2010/
Evita musical Szombathely /2012/
Gershwin Show /2012/
“Eight at the Ark” Children’s musical /2013/
George Gershwin: Gershwin Show /2015/
“Eight at the Ark” Children’s musical /2016/
“Musical Podium” /2016/




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