Gershwin Production Office 2020-2021

“Everything you would expect from an international event organizer and production office”

Gershwin Production Office Team:
Kriszt László: director-choreographer.
József Gajdos: director-choreographer.
Rozália Fodor: manager, choreographer, dance teacher.
András Vég: Web, online, English interpreter.
László Kárer: cameraman-editor.
Tamás Guttmann is a manager.

International projects:
– “Gershwin Story” is a two-part modern ballet.
– “Queen forever” musical drama.
– “In the Drift of Music” is the life of Maria Malibran. Opera.
– “The Tragedy of a Blessed Voice” is the life of Mario Lanza. Opera.
– “Bank and Insurance Festival – Exchange”.
– “European Football Fans’ Championship”. European sports competition between football fans.
– Climate Protection Dance Project
“The Story of the Two Little Girls” is a fairy tale ballet.
“Chaos.” modern ballet.
“Magic City” entertainment program / commercial television implementation.
– “Pest-Buda Mulató” in the spirit of quality culture.
– “Gershwin Show – Gershwin Gala 2023″
– “Peoples – Nations – Cultures” International Minority Festival.
– “The Penultimate Dinner” is a feature film synopsis.

Program series:
– Jewish Cultural Evenings
– Jewish-Christian Art Evenings program series
– Cafe Art Evenings
– Open synagogues cultural program series.

Scheduled lectures programs:
– “Auschwitz indictment” Following the Nuremberg indictment.
– “Lawsuit of God” is a stage adaptation of the film
– “The Tragedy of a Blessed Voice” The Life of Mario Lanza (opera monodrama)
– “In the Drift of Music” Mari’s Life in Malibran (opera monodrama)
– “The Adventures of Oliver” is a musical Hungarian fairy tale game
– “Cole Porter Show” (dance-music show)
– “I came from afar” The life of Edith Piaf (musical monodrama)
– The Life of Brigitte Bardot “Born to Hollywood” (musical monodrama)
– A series of programs promoting Hungary’s reputation.

Our theater performances:
– Ferenc Karinthy: Dreams of Gellert Hill
– Mária Sárdi: Little Girl in Hell / monodrama /
– Mastrosimone: The sweater collector
– Paul Sartre: In camera
– Tadeus Borovszky: With us in Auschwitz / monodrama /
– G. B. Shaw: St. Johanna / monodrama /
– Edward Albee: A Tale of the Zoo.

Dear Prospective Partner!
Our newly established company has set itself the goal of finding the most optimal programs and projects for the products or services you sell, reaching young people, the middle class, addressing them, and using the widest spectrum of culture. We consider it important that the jointly developed programs and projects, which are based on the needs of the prospective partners the most, are new, unique, youthful, dynamic, or even create a market-leading position for our prospective partners.



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